How you can treat Adult Acne.

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Ok so this is a subject I know alot about. I suffered from Acne link from the age of 22 for 6 year's. As a teenager I suffered from the odd one or two spot's nothing major then in my early twenty's I had a big emotional shock and literally woke up the next day with Acne. It was terrible, I remember counting the spots on my face 18 to be exact.


So after trying all the usual products at the chemist first and getting no-where the first thing I tried from the Doctors was Dianette link. Dianette is a contraceptive pill that also helps with your skin. Its quite a potent pill and the doctors dont like you to be on it for long periods of time without a break. I took it for about 8 months in total and it did work really well for me, my skin cleared up within 6 weeks which was great. However it gave me another problem and that was I put on alot of weight . So I came off that and my skin did stay clear for 6 Months or so but then gradually the Acne came back.


The second thing I tried was Homepathy link. I am a big fan of Homeopathic remedie's. I tried Homeopathy years ago when I used to suffer from Migraines and it worked amazingly, completely cured me infact. But with the Acne it definitely helped my skin, and reduced the spots but it didnt clear it up completely. 


The third thing I tried was Chinese Medicine link in tablet form. Apparently the tea form is better and works more quickly but realistically there was no-way I was going to be getting up 45 minutes earlier everyday to boil herbs and what looks like tree bark to make a drink that taste's hideous so I went for the easy / realistic option, the tablets . Chinese Medicine was amazing. At the time I started taking it my skin was at it's worst and within two weeks my skin was completely clear for the first time in year's. I couldnt believe it. I took the Chinese Medicine tablets for about 3 month's. Each month represent's a year you have had a problem / illness so if you have had Acne for 3 years you will need to take Chinese Medicine for 3 Months. My skin stayed clear for over a year once finishing the course but then I started suffering from break outs again. They still werent as bad as before but they were still bad enough for me to stress about them so once again I took Chinese Medicine but this time it didnt seem to work.


The fourth thing I tried was anti-biotics link. Once again my skin drastically improved, I still suffered from a couple of spots every month but nothing major. I took anti-biotics for 18 Months, I did try to come off them several times but my skin always got worse as soon as I stopped taking it.


During all of the above things I always had regular facial's / facial treatments. Micro-dermabrasions were great for improving skin texture and refining the pore's. They used to cost around £60, I used to get mine done at a Dermatologist in Richmond link. I also had N-Lite Laser which again is great for healing the skin aswell as helping with scaring, this was also done at the same place in Richmond. It would cost around £80 to get my jaw area done. I always had Advanced Clarin's Facials to hydrate and deep cleanse and stimulate fresh blood to the skin. The products I used at home were Dermalogica Anti-Bac Skin Wash and link and Clarin's HydraQuench Day Cream link.


The fifth and final thing I did after 6 years of suffering from Acne was take the drug Roacutane link. After reading about all the horrible side effects I was really scared about taking this drug. The possible side effect's are depression leading to suicide, extremely dry skin, redness, irritation, chapped lip's, ache's and pain's due to dry joint's and headache's. They also say due to the potency of this medication you arent supposed to drink alcohol as it's too much for your liver. I have to admit I did actually drink but I definitely drank more moderately and ALWAYS drank two pints of water when I got home to rehydrate. This drug is also very harmful to unborn babie's so if you were to fall pregnant you would have to have a termination. The side effect's were pretty horrendous, I got all of them accept the depression. I would have to say that taking this drug is one of the best thing's I have ever done. I stopped the course is April 2009 and since then I have had about one spot come up every 3-6 months, the result is fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone with Acne I wish I had done it year's ago. Have a look at this photo diary I found of someone taking Roacutane link so you can get the idea. Some good products to use whilst on Roacutane are Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser link and Clarin's HydraQuench Day Cream for Dry Skin or Clarin's Multi Active Day Cream for Dry Skin. You really need to use products that will deeply moisturise your dry skin and help with the flaking and peeling. 


I would recommend anyone who has Acne to just take the Roacutane, its 4 months of nasty side effect's but then you have pretty much clear skin for life, however the dermatologist did tell me that a small proportion of people do need two course's of Roacutane so fingers crossed it doesnt come back. I spent hundreds of pound's every month on products and treatment's and nothing worked permanently only the Roacutane.


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