My views on Fake Tanning products on the Market today

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With all the fake tan's out there on the market now there really is no need to use a sunbed anymore. As we all know sunbeds are ageing for the skin and theres always a risk of skin cancer. 10 Years ago we didnt have the fake tan options that we do now, fake tans had a reputation for leaving you orange and streaky will not anymore 


I have tried and worked with lots of different Fake Tans over the years, Clarins, St Tropez, Fake Bake and finally Sienna X Spray Tanning.


I liked the Clarin's self tanning gel, the tan was natural looking but if I'm totally honest the smell was awful and even after a shower you still smelt abit.


I really liked the St Tropez but the application was time consuming, incredibly messy and you looked like you had been rolling around in the mud. You really had to dedicate an entire evening to this and lets face it who has time to do that.


Fake Bake was simular to St Tropez, the tan was nice once you had showered but straight after the tan your left looking abit muddy and will all the fake tans listed above you was always left feeling abit sticky. You would have to put on some long PJ's and sleep alone, again not always convenient.


Now recently I tried the Sienna X Spray Tan for the first time and I absolutely loved it. It genuinely smells nice, it didnt leave me feeling sticky, it does have a guideline colour but it doesnt look muddy or dirty so I could leave the house with it on. I had it done in the afternoon and slept in it and it didnt come off all over my bed. When I washed it off 10 hours later I was left with a streak free, even very natural tan. You get the choice of 3 percentages 8% is the most natural, 10% is medium and 12% is for Asian or darker skins or for those who like the fake look. The tan did fade slightly after 4 days but didnt completely come off for 8 days so you definitely get your moneys worth and everyone kept telling me how well I looked or kept asking me where I had been on holiday 


I am now Sienna X trained and offer them for £25. If theres more than one person that brings the price down to £20 and if you organise a tanning party of 6 people or more the organiser gets a FREE tan and everyone else pays £20 each.


To book please call me Laura 07534 898 872


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The areas I cover are Middlesex, Surrey, Staines, Egham, Wraysbury, Slough, Windsor, Colnbrook, Virginia Water, Dachet, Sunbury, Weybridge, Ascot, Thorpe, Esher, Addlestone, Woking, Shepperton, Isleworth, Whitton, Twickenham, St Margarets & Richmond. 

I would travel further for a group booking, Tanning Party or Pamper Party.

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